Hummingbirds and Real Estate

As I was looking up properties I saw my second hummingbird of the spring–they are always such a joy to watch!  They are masterful fliers, very wary, and really beautiful.  Where I live in Virginia Beach I have seen Ruby-throated Hummingbirds exclusively.

Generally, people choose a place to live based on their priorities.  If a person is a bird watcher and has a fondness for water fowl, then she might prefer to live on or near water, for example.  If she want hummingbirds around, she might choose a spot that has a lot of flowers and plants nearby.  This is why it is important to form relationships with the people in real estate with whom we work–this is how we can discover what their priorities are and we can assist them in meeting those priorities.  It is important to know whether a seller wants a speedy sale versus a top dollar sale, or if a buyer wants to be in a high-rise building or in the middle of five open acres.

We always strive to build relationships with our clients so we can serve them better.  Give us a call and let’s get started!  You can reach me at 757-752-8882 or email at  Have a fantastic day!


Image courtesy of National Geographic–thank you!


About jeff_scinv

Do you ever notice where you are at any particular moment? If you do, and you happen to be on land, then you are on a piece of real estate. That is my business. Wherever you are you are on (in?) my business. Now that we have this relationship let's do business! Sound Choice Investments buys, sells, leases, and invests in real estate.

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