Mysteries Solved

I have stumbled upon the solution to many universal challenges–for example the unified theory in physics, the prevention of aging, the ultimate diet–apparently it is coconut oil!  Who’d have thunk that when we were preteen tykes running through the coconut palm forests on Key Biscayne we were in the midst of manna?  Sure we husked the big seed, poked its eyes (no ouch) and drank and cracked the hard shell to snack on the white meat, but we didn’t know that we were in essence treating our skin, eyes, nails, hair, teeth, bodies essentially to the cure all…no wonder we’re so healthy today!

Maybe I got a little ahead of myself about the unified theory thing, but who knows, perhaps coconut oil is the 12th (or is it the 11th) string?

I do like the stuff, though.

That’s all for now; enjoy the day!


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