Harmony and Happiness


How’s this for a company motto–Service, Competence, Integrity?

Pretty sweet, I must admit, and so true!  Truth is good.

The dogs have eaten, the rain has cleared, temperature is dropping, year is ending, times are improving, world is consciousizing, 2015 is approaching, gas prices dropping, people are smiling, and I am happiness!  Here’s to running, playing with dogs, being healthy, becoming increasingly conscious of the connection among everything, hoppy beer, really good coffee, natural foods, loving relationships, making music, surfing’s green room, travel, family, friends, harmony, and happiness.  Love to all!


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About jeff_scinv

Do you ever notice where you are at any particular moment? If you do, and you happen to be on land, then you are on a piece of real estate. That is my business. Wherever you are you are on (in?) my business. Now that we have this relationship let's do business! Sound Choice Investments buys, sells, leases, and invests in real estate.

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