Very Exciting, Cement in a Ditch!


Beautiful, no?  I call it, “Cement in Ditch with Blue Recycling Container.”

But of course you all recognize the filled up hole upon which a house will sit.  If not, see the previous post!  There is a lot that goes into building a house, but truly, what is more important than a sturdy foundation on land that won’t sink?  That is exactly what we have here at 1241 Hanson Avenue in metropolitan Norfolk, VA!

Thanks for your interest and have a totally deluxe day!


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About jeff_scinv

Do you ever notice where you are at any particular moment? If you do, and you happen to be on land, then you are on a piece of real estate. That is my business. Wherever you are you are on (in?) my business. Now that we have this relationship let's do business! Sound Choice Investments buys, sells, leases, and invests in real estate.

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