What Are You Building In Your Neighborhood?


This structure went up pretty quickly and has added a lot of value to the neighboring properties.  We had our best people on it from the start and they put it together with skill and joie de vivre!

In an odd turn of events we at the beach found ourselves living in the northeast or some other northern clime this winter.  I even considered getting a snow shovel!  I mean what’s with all this white stuff?  Where does it come from?  Can I get some really good Sulawesi Toraja coffee in this place?

Nevertheless, I must say that it is quite beautiful here–the snow, the ice, the beach, the ocean…I trust all the wildlife is faring well!

I suppose that’s about it for now–thank you for reading and have a superfine day!


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About jeff_scinv

Do you ever notice where you are at any particular moment? If you do, and you happen to be on land, then you are on a piece of real estate. That is my business. Wherever you are you are on (in?) my business. Now that we have this relationship let's do business! Sound Choice Investments buys, sells, leases, and invests in real estate.

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