Mental Science

thomasTroward200wGood Afternoon, and great Friday to all of you!

I’ve been reading a lot by Thomas Troward and highly recommend his “The Edinburgh Lectures”.  What an incredible book; what an incredible way to think! He explains in depth why your mental attitude and what you think about are key to how you will experience your life and what you will experience in your life.

It is important to be happy, experience joy, live life more fully each day, love everyone and everything, be aware of your constant connection with the Universal, or God, all of  these things! Judge Troward explains all of this–it’s like the science of spiritual philosophy.  Very deep and very joyful!

Troward has a number of other books, but so far I like “Edinburgh” best. Other titles include “The Creative Process in the Individual”, “Bible Mystery and Meaning”, “The Law and the Word”, and “The Dore Lectures”.

If any of you read any of his work, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

Have a truly fine day!



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