Sound Choice Investments is based on the principles of correct thinking:  what each individual thinks has a profound effect on that individual’s life and circumstance and that good thinking is based on spiritual principles–there is a power or energy that we are all part of and that is the essence of everything.  We create the world around us by our thought, and all of our past thought has created the life that we have today.

Our Philosophy

Honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, healthy living, service–if we each embody these ideals in our everyday thinking, we will change ourselves and thereby change the world.

In real estate we focus on redeveloping current neighborhoods one home at a time.  We begin with properties that uninhabitable and turn them into beautiful homes that the whole street can be proud of!

On a Personal Note

My name is Jeff Schuyler and I founded Sound Choice Investments to provide honest and reliable real estate services in my community.  I also wanted to have a vocation that allowed me to work where I live rather than having to travel nationwide and beyond–I love to travel, but I prefer to do it with my family!  My lovely bride Liz has been a Realtor both in Manhattan and in South Hampton Roads and over time I became interested and somewhat knowledgeable about real estate…osmosis I suppose 🙂

I love to run, surf, play music, play with my two dogs, and do anything with Liz, what about shopping you may ask?–that’s a secret.

I’ve run a marathon, several halves, and many Charlottesville Ten Milers and currently run with two groups, Hampton Roads Runners and The Endurance Project, both Meetup groups–join us if you want to run with knowledgeable and motivating groups!

I surf with the Iguana Surf Club with whom I do a charity event every year for the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.  We meet every Tuesday night at South Beach Grill and watch surf films and discuss the latest in high intellect.  We go to Central America annually for surf adventure, usually to Costa Rica or Nicaragua, but some of us have been to other countries as well.

I play bass guitar in two bands, The Dunes (www.thedunes.us), the power trio I’ve been with since 2003.  We play all original rock, with some punk around the edges, plus a few covers.  We’ve recorded three cd’s and played many live shows.  The other is a cover band called Nine Mile Skid–we play Wilco, Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Faces, Creedence, and others.  This band has played several shows in Virginia Beach.

Liz and I have two dogs:  Bodhi, half Black Lab and half German Shepherd; and Ziggy, an American Pit Bull Terrier. Bodhi is almost 3 1/2 and Ziggy is 2 1/2.  Together they are bigger than me so I always have to be very polite around them.

As always, enjoy the day!



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